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The Phantom Menace… of grown-up books?

“Most YA fiction is grown up fiction in disguise”, Anthony McGowan writes in the Guardian. As usual for thinkpieces on YA, it’s not a great article – it’s long on generalities and short on specifics (Which teenagers aren’t reading which books? What styles or themes or characters belong in adult literature but not YA?) –… Read more »

Plain and simple

I was watching some “Every Frame a Painting” videos this evening, and his treatment of the Coen brothers’ technique with shot-reverse shot sequences put me in mind of something I’ve been thinking about lately, with writing. There’s a lot of amateur writing that’s just unclear. Sometimes it’s misplaced modifiers that make you pause in the… Read more »

April in New York

A few weeks ago it snowed in New York; now suddenly it’s sunny enough that I have to contemplate shoving my window air conditioner back into the window. It’s long past time for me to take my web site out of hibernation. I have sent a new novel off to my editor,┬áRamblewood Underground. It’s the… Read more »